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Order of the Egonauts

Mint your Series 4 Gary Vee Egonaut

For a limited time, in order to celebrate the release of Egonaut Series 4, featuring Gary Vee, you are guaranteed to mint a Series 4 Egonaut.

Mint Price: ETH Mint Price 1
Please use MetaMask or your preferred wallet in order to mint.

The Egonauts

Egonauts Series 4 Egonauts Series 4 Egonauts Series 4 Egonauts Series 4

Series 4 - Gary Vee

Egonauts Series 3 - 1 Egonauts Series 3 - 2 Egonauts Series 3 - 3 Egonauts Series 3 - 4

Series 3 - Elon Musk

Egonauts Series 2 - 0 Egonauts Series 2 - 1 Egonauts Series 2 - 3 Egonauts Series 2 - 4

Series 2 - CZ

Egonauts Series 1 - 6 Egonauts Series 1 - 8 Egonauts Series 1 - 21 Egonauts Series 1 - 9

Series 1 - Vitalik Buterin

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Etheremum Foundation Etheremum Foundation

OotE is proud to support the Ethereum Foundation. 1% of all Egonaut NFT sales will be donated to their organization.


Welcome to the Order of the Egonauts. We are a community advocating for the principles and positive outcomes that decentralized and distributed power structures offer. Blockchain technologies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin have the ability to offer more inclusive outcomes for more individuals across the world than any current centralized system has ever conceived of being able to legitimately execute on. Mass education, engagement and adoption of these technologies have the potential to create more fair, free, secure and transparent systems of commerce, communication, finance, government, justice and various other aspects of daily life for societies across the planet.

The modern world has become out of order. Corruption continues to grow unchecked, and the old guard tightens their grip to further consolidate their power through centralized mechanisms of authority. Enacting more laws to protect us from ourselves. Building more weapons of destruction to protect us from the enemies we never knew we had. They say it is for our own good. They say to relinquish this centralized power would bring chaos to the plebs and allow the degenerates to destroy the world as we know it. What could possibly save us from this doomed narrative?

While some may look to the moon, Mars and the stars to physically escape from this beautiful rock of human chaos, most of us are neither astronauts nor billionaire captains of commerce. We are but mere mortals planted on Earth and commonly relegated to these systems of centralized authority. But what if there was another way? The way of the Egonaut.

An Egonaut is a being who has chosen to spend much of their time in existential contemplation. Moving beyond the physical constraints of their centralized regimes of authority to elevate their minds to a less clouded state. To rise above and walk over the prescribed narratives of sinister corporate media feeds sponsored by corrupt governments and exploitative institutions that seek to distract and divide humanity from itself. The Egonaut travels though their own mind, reflecting on the modern world and seeking answers to the critical questions that may help us bring a little order back from the current chaos.

Alright, alright we’ll dial it back on the existential utopian diatribes. At the end of the day, the Order of the Egonauts is a tribute to the most influential personalities in the space of cryptocurrency; A 12 month homage to the heroes and villains of blockchain technology.

Each month a new Egonaut will be released with 101 pieces of original artwork dedicated to that specific personality. Every Egonaut will be minted as a one-of-one NFT. The release period will span 12 months featuring a total of 1,212 pieces with 12 different personalities.

The first series of 101 Egonauts will be released February 2022 and the final series will be released January 2023 to complete the collection of 1,212. Each series of 101 are handpicked from thousands of trait combinations and each series will feature a new Egonaut with its own unique traits. Any given series may have more or less trait combinations than others but every Egonaut will be provably unique with some traits being rarer than others.

About the NFT

There will be 101 unique Egonauts released each month as a limited series for 12 months. The final series of Egonauts will be released in January 2023 to complete a collection of total 1,212 Egonauts. Each series of 101 are handpicked from thousands of trait combinations and each series will feature a new Egonaut with it’s own unique traits. Any given series may have more or less trait combinations than others but every Egonaut will be provably unique with some traits being rarer than others.

Given the very limited number of Egonauts in each series, we have chosen to keep the viewable aesthetics of each collection as limited as possible until the day of its respective minting. The Egonauts will be stored as ERC-721 tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain.

In order to best protect each completely uniquely illustrated series launching every month from being sniped or previewed ahead of time, we will wait until the last Egonaut (1,212 of 1,212) is minted in early 2023 to move the metadata and images from our encrypted web server to IPFS with an immutable hash.

The cost of each Egonaut will be 1 ETH. There will be no bonding curves or price tiers. Series 1 Vitalik and Series 2 CZ now combined with random chance to receive either upon minting.

To ensure the most egalitarian first mint, there will be no pre-sale or airdrops to anyone, including the founding team or their friends and family.

Welcome to the Block Castle

When you buy or mint an Egonaut NFT, you not only own a provably-rare piece of art that will serve as a historical record of the blockchain industry, but holders will also get their own set of keys to begin exploring The Block Castle in the summer of 2022. Those who hold an Egonaut NFT will gain access to an architectural rendering of a state-of-the-art entertainment venue being constructed in 2023. This venue, dubbed by the Order as The Block Castle, will serve as the official site to host Order of the Egonauts IRL events for Egonaut holders in 2023 and beyond.

Block Castle Door


The beginning…

A team representing 2 different genders, 3 different generations, 4 different time zones, 5 different professions and 6 different bloodlines join forces to create a limited NFT tribute collection unlike any other.

February 17, 2022

The Order of the Egonauts open the mint for their first series of 101 one-of-one NFTs paying tribute to the heroes and villains of blockchain. The first Egonaut takes a seat at the round table.

Spring 2022

2nd and 3rd series of 101 are released including Vitalik Buterin, CZ and Elon Musk.

Summer 2022

4th, 5th, 6th and 7th of 101 series are released.

"The Block Castle" lowers its drawbridge and opens its gate to holders to begin exploring an architecturally accurate rendering of itself. The Castle is planned to be constructed in 2023 as an actual arts and entertainment venue that will host official Order of the Egonaut IRL events.

Welcome to the Block Castle
Fall 2022

8th, 9th, 10th series of 101 are released.

Winter 2022

Final 2 series of Egonauts released

More details of IRL events released and update on The Block Castle and what cryptocurrency and blockchain related features will be part of the infrastructure and venue offerings.


The actual construction of "The Block Castle" begins and dates for IRL events will be released based on the development schedule.

Thank you for supporting the Order of the Egonauts. A project that seeks to have a little fun, give a little back and pay a little tribute to the great heroes and villains of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in the year of 2022 and beyond.

The Egonauts Team

Founder - Bill Spayships

Founder - Bill Spayships

Northern Renaissance madman who prefers to fly gonzo

Founder - Gumby

Founder - Professir

The Professir doth profess to be a professional though will never defer to be referred to as sir.

Artist - Moonface

Artist - Moonface

So Cal Armenian Countess with double jointed knees and a flair for the arts

Solidity Dev - OffGridGecko

Solidity Dev - OffGridGecko

The Earl of the Ozark mountains can only be found when he finds you

Director - Shawn Cleta

Director - Shawn Cleta

Panama jack of all trades stringing and singing his way through the swamps

Web Dev - ReferenceError

Web Dev - ReferenceError

There's no place like

Marketing - Wipperfurth and Bull

Marketing - Wipperfurth and Bull

Spending clients money on the client’s customers instead of themselves since 2022