Current Egonauts taking their place at the Round Table

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”
~Benjamin Franklin

Welcome to the Order of the Egonauts. We are a community advocating for the principles and positive outcomes that decentralized and distributed power structures offer. If ethically and pragmatically integrated, blockchain technologies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin have the potential to create more inclusive systems of mutual benefit to individuals and organizations across the world. By providing and advocating better access to education and awareness, we believe these technologies have the potential to create a more fair, free, secure, and transparent system of commerce, communication, finance, government, justice, and various other aspects of daily life through ongoing societal adoption.

It seems evident that the modern world has become out of Order allowing corruption to thrive as centralized power structures grow, seemingly unchecked, led by big tech, plutocratic financial institutions and non-representative governments enacting more laws to “protect” us. While the old guard tightens this grip in the name of “public safety”, they continue to build more sophisticated weapons of destruction and propagandistic systems of division. They imply it is for our own good and to relinquish the central control would bring chaos to the masses leaving degenerates to destroy the world as we know it.

We believe there is another way. The way of the Egonaut. An Egonaut is a being who has chosen to spend much of their time in existential contemplation. Moving past the physical constraints of their centralized regimes of authority to elevate their minds to a less clouded state. To consider the nuances of the human condition and ascend above the prescribed narratives of sinister corporate media feeds, sponsored by plutocratic governments and exploitative institutions that seek to distract and divide humanity from itself. The Egonaut travels through their own mind; reflecting on our collective history with a communal knowledge that empowers independent, benevolent thinkers to freely deploy more modern, decentralized solutions to favor human Order over contrived chaos.

The Order of the Egonauts is building a membership community of artists, athletes, architects, attorneys, academics, brewers, builders, business execs, chefs, contractors, community leaders, developers, dentists, designers, directors, doctors, educators, engineers, entrepreneurs, entertainers, farmers, firefighters, influencers, gamers, gurus, inventors, laborers, musicians, politicians, public safety workers, veterans, writers and those rare renaissance men who defy all definition.

Many of these types of individuals have already joined the Order of the Egonauts and all will will be represented as we move towards creating one-of-a-kind IRL events for holders hosted at “The Block Castle” to be built in Medina, Minnesota. At these events, connections will be forged among a diverse and dedicated group of like-minded but independent thinkers who believe there is another way. A way that could be achieved much faster with the help of decentralized technologies like blockchain. Though our NFT art may pay tribute to the most influential personalities in the space of blockchain and cryptocurrency, our mission as Egonauts is much greater.

~The Order